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Given that morality in humans is embedded, what rules can be laid down that would preserve and enhance such morality in society?

The `Blank Slate' argument now stands modified as the cognitive psychologists now claim. We are born with certain tendencies and proclivities, some of which are known. Morality is one of such tendencies we all are born with. We also know that such embedded morality is lost rather steeply in some societies and some individuals. It may be useful to ask under what circumstances our embedded morality takes a beating establishing a lower than `normal' moral order.


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    Apr 13 2012: Mukesh based on your amazing answers and knowledge I guess you d probably had read this book but just in case

    2nd Treatise of civil Government by John Locke .

    This is exactly what John Locke asked and wrote a whole book about it and its the foundation of US constitution and almost entire western European countries

    Locke based his arguments on God , but it holds perfectly well even form atheistic point of view
    • Apr 14 2012: Thank you for the suggestion. I had not read the book and I intend to go through it in a short while.

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