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Have capitalism, globalisation and greed stunted our technological growth?

I have often wondered if oil is the reason we are not driving around in hover cars or more cars running on alternative fuels, any car that could hover with precision, accuracy and long periods would probably not use a combustion engine, take also tires cars with the technology to hover would not require rubber tires.

I have no doubt we could have acheived these technologies years ago, but oil and rubber tires are extremely lucrative and make the few very rich, imagine a world of hover cars that are completely automated you wouldn't need to pay road tax they don' t need roads and car insurance would be drastically lower granted it may still be needed just incase!, but our whole society seems centred around a system of wealth and power to which only a few are privy, we seem to have spent the last sixty or so years continually reinventing the car, television and video in one form or another, because these few simple technologies keep us in a perpetual state of consumerism, not to mention our computing abilities which have managed to keep most of the western society in a state of wage slavery.

Our monetary system can only take the human race so far, but to get past our current statewe may need an overhaul of everything we know, not just our monetary system but our politics and our moral compass?

This is just a small example of how we could have expanded our technology over the last sixty years i'm sure there are many more.


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    Apr 11 2012: Our inability to cope with the technology we have stunts our technological growth. Most people don't know much about how many of the utilities they operate are built, function, and impact their daily lives. This is why innovators keep innovating and consumers keep consuming in their own respective camps. When consumers start to understand what goes into and comes out of what they consume, then they will realize the vested interest they have as stakeholders and will begin to innovate themselves, driving technological growth.
    • Apr 11 2012: Thanks Sean, i can see your point perhaps thats why we keep re-inventing the same technology look at mobile phones they've come a long way in the last ten years, and it's been largely driven by what consumers want, driving the innovations that go into our mobile phone technology, and in a sense that could be the reason other technologies have been stunted.

      Maybe it's just me who'd hoped for more by 2012? maybe i have been blaming the wrong group of people?
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        Apr 12 2012: If I really was looking for someone to blame, as far as industrial manufacturing, it would be the trifecta idiocy of patent violators, reverse engineers, and catering to consumers who place more emphasis on the 'wow' than the 'how'. But blaming them doesn't help anything.

        As a note:
        Capitalism, globalization, and greed could be considered impetus for my blamed: Patent Violation (Globalization/Capitalism), Reverse Engineering (Globalization/Greed), and Marketing to Impulse/The Illusion of Option (Capitalism/Greed). But you could argue that capitalism, globalization, and especially greed have been the motivators for innovation, as well.

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