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WRT having an open mind - Considering that we are an energetic system, does flexibility in attitude relate to flexibility in the body?

I am contemplating the idea that perhaps, the an open mind energetically relates to the free flow of energy within the body. As an athlete and spiritual being I wonder about how my thoughts allow or disallow the energy to flow as I move, and if a resistance in my physical being is analogous to resistance to thoughts and concepts. Would love to hear your comments . . . .

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    Apr 12 2012: It can but it needn't. Having physical limitations doesn't stop some people from being wide-ranging and flexible thinkers.
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    R H

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    Apr 10 2012: My understanding is that thoughout history there have been various forms of the statement: "You are what you think you are". Quantum science is demonstrating that our observation of an event can change the outcome. My own little personal experiments/experiences have demonstrated to me that what I envision as possible (and not possible) is generally the outcome ('generally' being the operative word). There are new healing arts that contend we 'store' past energies of our emotional pains and devastating experiences deep within our bones and tissues that effect our well-being. The orient has practiced this for centuries. I think that with all of this, it's a safe bet to see the energy that flows through us, both in mind and body, is a real phenonmenon - and it must be good for us because it is life. So let it flow!