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It is okay to be.... yourself.

People should never hide their sexual orientation from their relatives and friends. This kind of behavior may lead to mental breakdown, general unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. One should seek acceptance instead of pretending to be someone they are not. No one should keep their feelings secret.


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    Apr 11 2012: Does it really matter what your sexual orientation is when it comes to the relationships you build with your family and friends? Making it a point to have your private life public can be just as detrimental as denying who you are to yourself. Accept yourself for who you are, when you are. Seeking acceptance from everyone you hold close to your heart is bound to end in unhappiness as some people simply won't accept some things, or simply not care enough to give it any attention.
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      Apr 11 2012: What about the situation, in which someone has to introduce their partner (of the same gender) to their family? And you are right, it is unrealistic to make absolutely everyone accept certain things. However, it is possible to create a nice atmosphere of mutual understanding.
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        Apr 11 2012: People don't have to understand something to make it an issue or non-issue. Do they ~have~ to introduce their partner to their family? Are they bound to cultural or societal norms to do so? Or is the introduction designed more to provoke shock or indignation? People don't ~have~ to introduce their partner. People feel impelled to introduce their partner due to other factors that have little to do with the introduction itself.

        People usually treat others concerns with the proper amount of attention: If you seek approval, they'll offer or deny it and you should consider it. If you don't seek approval, then any doubt they offer has no value other than what you allow it to have.

        Talk this over with your partner. If both of you feel comfortable introducing the family to the relationship, by all means do so. If one of you feels uncomfortable, then hold off and reassess your comfort level later.
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          Apr 11 2012: What if someone wants to marry a person of the same sex. It would be rather odd not to introduce their spouse-to-be to the family. It would be even worse not to invite them to a wedding or have the invitation rejected, as this would only further undermine one's relation with their relatives.
          I think that the problem is that people want to be happy but at the same time they don't want to disappoint their families.

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