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Develop a strategy for my Community College work with PA's budget cuts using the various reform education ideas we have seen here!!!

I just graduated from Montgomery County Community College [PA] after 131 credits I now have my Associates Degree in Nursing. I have watched TED for years, avidly trying to engage anyone who would listen in conversations generated here. I have recently identified with the fact that much of what made me such a great student is the Internet and access to lectures and information.
I was that student that Khan refers to who at first needed to have the opportunity to rewind & replay what the teacher said and once one idea was grasped I soared, often wishing to go beyond the framework of the curriculum. I started rewinding/replaying in college, originally with online data and then from my classroom digital recorder and so I GET THIS whole idea of the Khan Academy and completely believe in the power it would give everyone involved. I can only imagine where I might be if I knew I was smart in high school instead of having to wait till college. Engaging students in the classroom, yes please! What always seemed odd to me was teachers suggesting we know the material before class so that we could ask any questions we had. I was going to need to be taught it before I could think about it so I was silent in the classroom and then my questions would be lost in the wind when I did assignments at home
What if we used the free lectures that are excessively abundant to minimize costs? It has to be more affordable?
A teacher that becomes the guide on the side, well that sounds AMAZING-
Even better, students helping students understand concepts and ask questions that are based upon topics not content requirements?
How would a community college flip, and how fast can the change happen?
How much more satisfied and eager to learn will students be?
How much brighter will the future be????
[Case and point, what are peoples thoughts on flipping a community college- How do you get teachers to flip and what kind of cost savings (or is that not a reality)?] EDUpedia-WIKIpedia for Education