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Is Islam tolerent religion or not?and do you think that Muslims are isolated?

Many people say that Islam makes Muslim tend to be isolated and does not accepte the other. "God made us tribes and nations to get to know each other." This is a quote from Quran that displays that Islam is tolerent and it is not an isolated religion. Islam acceptes and respects the other and gives the other the freedom to practice their religions. Islam does not attack other religion and people and does not force them to converte into Islam. Many stereotypes of Islam tend to deform the image of Islam. One of the ways to know more about Islam is reading books by moderate Muslim or going to Muslim countries. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerence and this is applied to all religions over the world. Islam prohibits extremism. Therefore, Muslims do not consider extreme people as Muslims and representative of Islam. Muslims should communictate with people from all over the world. If non-Muslims need help, Muslims will definitely help them because we are all humans.


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  • Apr 12 2012: The issue is the same with all religions that follow ancient texts and dogmas; the old books are open to a great degree of interpretation because of the rampant contradictions that exist in the Bible or the Quran or the Torah.

    As society progresses, it becomes harder and harder to reconcile the old and archaic bits of religion with the reality of modern day society. This inevitably results in intolerance and/or isolation. Islam isn't unique in this problem the same issues exist with Christianity and Judaism.

    Secularism gives us the best chance at people of all religions co-existing and happy under the same proverbial roof. It doesn't necessarily reconcile the archaic bits of religions though eventually the religions have to own those and move past them (i.e- Certain delusional religious folks in America trying to get fiction taught as science in public schools as "creationism").

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