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What do you think about the term "fitting in" at school, work, or an outing somewhere?

What do you think about the term " fitting" in at school, work or an outing somewhere?
I would just want a philosophical approach. Not too much on experiences. Is it better to be an individualist or does fitting in just plainly not exist?


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    Apr 18 2012: "Fitting in" has become so much more important than it should be. It has shot up to the top of people's priorities, somewhere it doesn't belong. Grades, morals, personal identity and character have all become lesser ideals as a result of this obsession with "fitting in." While the majority of us have experienced what it is like to try and "fit in", the group that is forced to cope with this on a daily basis is of course the younger population. Obviously there are many others who must deal with this, but I will stick to what I know, I am of course 19 years old.

    It has become the number one goal of today's children to try and find a niche in which they feel welcome and accepted. And rather than being welcomed and accepted for who they are, a human being with feelings just like everyone else, they are judged almost solely on how accurately they portray what is considered socially preferred. We are all guilty of passing premature judgment on someone based on what we perceive from a first look. In my opinion, this shallow form of judgment stems from the inability of today's people to think for themselves.

    Modern society is always telling the human race what to wear, what to say, how to act, who is "cool", and even how to think. This has been going on for so long and has affected so many people, that it has become a self sustaining cycle that is powered by insecurity and the significant lack of individualists. Those who try and be individuals are often persecuted for their different mindset.

    So to answer the question, I think the best way to describe the concept of "fitting in"....it is a viral and contagious concept that won't allow each person to show the many unique and wonderful aspects of their personality. The fear of being ostracized has become greater than the desire to be our true selves.

    I will end with a rather fitting quote from Raymond Hull. "He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away."

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