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People are valuable. But are certain people more valuable than others? If yes; can we measure this?

Questions I raised when I asked myself this question:
- Do people know what is best for themselves?
- Is there really such a thing as universal worth of a person?
- What, really, are credentials?
- Are people really good and/or bad?
- Are Myers Briggs personality type differences causing me (or you) to believe another person is worth less than me (or you)?
- Is it possible to measure the worth of a person retrospectively?
- Does answering the first question with a yes make me (or you) pretentious?
- Am I going to answer this question by generalizing and placing people into categories and become a statistician; labeling everyone possessing a certain characteristic as less valuable?
- Is it possible to spend "too much" time thinking about questions like these? Less think, more do?
- Breadth of a person or depth of a person?
- Best way to test a person's value is to test their ability to lead?
- A great follower is better than an average leader?
- Why does linguistic ability play such a large role in determining the value of a person? Is it overvalued?
- Does most of society not realize it's answering this question in the affirmative with most of its actions, and by extension raising a lot of unanswered, difficult questions? eg, job interviews, exams, tests, college applications, credit.
- Do xNTP's not realize that the rest of the world doesn't believe that intelligence is the main factor to contribute to a person's worth?
- Is the person reading this going to realize that this is my first TED question?

Please don't bother answering all of the additional questions unless you truly have nothing better to do with your time. :P


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    Apr 11 2012: We are all valuable is different ways. no one is more valuable then other.
    problems starts when we think someone is less then us.
    • Apr 11 2012: That's all great and all.. But you are looking at it from the wrong angle.

      Is there anyone in the world, present or past, you consider better than yourself? Who is, overall, a better person? Than in my construed use of the word "valuable", that person is more "valuable" than you.

      So how do we make ourselves more valuable? This is my question. How do we get certain people to believe that what they're doing would make them appear, in the eyes of a "good" stranger, to be less valuable than they could, potentially, be?

      The reform I'm thinking of would involve drafting a number of things that make people great - and allow everyone to aspire to these things, rather than tell people they are already "great" and "special". Yes, everyone is great and special, people really are amazing and awesome, until you meet a racist, a pedophile, or a serial killer who killed his inmate in prison - is it hard for some people to admit that there are "bad" people in the world?

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