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People are valuable. But are certain people more valuable than others? If yes; can we measure this?

Questions I raised when I asked myself this question:
- Do people know what is best for themselves?
- Is there really such a thing as universal worth of a person?
- What, really, are credentials?
- Are people really good and/or bad?
- Are Myers Briggs personality type differences causing me (or you) to believe another person is worth less than me (or you)?
- Is it possible to measure the worth of a person retrospectively?
- Does answering the first question with a yes make me (or you) pretentious?
- Am I going to answer this question by generalizing and placing people into categories and become a statistician; labeling everyone possessing a certain characteristic as less valuable?
- Is it possible to spend "too much" time thinking about questions like these? Less think, more do?
- Breadth of a person or depth of a person?
- Best way to test a person's value is to test their ability to lead?
- A great follower is better than an average leader?
- Why does linguistic ability play such a large role in determining the value of a person? Is it overvalued?
- Does most of society not realize it's answering this question in the affirmative with most of its actions, and by extension raising a lot of unanswered, difficult questions? eg, job interviews, exams, tests, college applications, credit.
- Do xNTP's not realize that the rest of the world doesn't believe that intelligence is the main factor to contribute to a person's worth?
- Is the person reading this going to realize that this is my first TED question?

Please don't bother answering all of the additional questions unless you truly have nothing better to do with your time. :P


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    Apr 10 2012: People in general know the price of things.....

    when it comes to humans, society wants us to believe that we can have a "net worth"....

    No one person is really more valuable than another in the long run.

    Already it has been stated that at certain moments in one's life we find
    some individuals more valuable than others....but that is strictly when we
    are facing a need....(a plumber, or a doctor)

    We are all precious, and valuable.......

    with or without money,
    with or without a college degree,
    with or without the latest model of any gizmo or gadget,
    with or without a limb,
    with or without a membership to any given club,
    with or without __________ (fill in the blank yourself)

    I think perhaps this is where your question is leading.

    We all have the same value and what's more, we all have valuable things to contribute to society as a whole.

    We are all worth the same thing.....and when we die, we go back to dust.

    The rest is vanity.

    This is my humble opinion
    • Apr 10 2012: Read some of my other answers - I feel this viewpoint is a very new one, and has not existed in flourishing societies in the past. Yes, when judging other people, we must definitely believe they are valuable, and I do, and most normal people do, I would think.
      The question is not whether they're valuable or not valuable - the question is how valuable we are.

      John The Ripper as a member of society - do we want more John The Rippers? Do we want more Einsteins?

      By shying away from the real answer to these questions, are liberals stunting development? (make everyone feel they're special, and so people don't work as hard anymore)

      Again, I'm just experimenting with this. Don't judge me!! :P
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        Apr 10 2012: Shariq, no judgment from me... :)

        There are things we know about people who develop the kinds of personality traits that lead them to be murderers.....

        We just don't know EVERYTHING about someone's past and/or their brain function....as when someone acts a certain way because they have brain damage and so forth.

        Special to me denotes uniqueness,....each of us is different/unique......

        You can talk in circles around your question with no end in sight.

        Let me just close by saying that each human decides how to be valuable to:

        1...him/her self

        Even here on TED, some members graciously contribute answers to people's questions, even when the host doesn't make a single reply............You have shown by replying to us, that our answers, and by extension, we ourselves are valuable to you. That, my dear Shariq, makes you a very valuable person to me.

        Have a great great evening wherever you are...
        • Apr 11 2012: Well it isn't evening yet, but more than one evening has passed since you replied.

          Like I said in another reply, this question isn't one that can be answered by a few people on a TED conversation. It's just something I'd like people to ponder about more - by saying we're all "the same", we're suggesting no one is better than us. I'll develop this point further in a reply above this.

          And in reply to your reply - yes, you are completely correct, and I completely agree with you. I am a very valuable person and all. Lol JK. As in, our value often is derived from how others perceive us. This is definitely how society is run in today's world - but perhaps there is more to being valuable than being valuable to others? Considering one's self valuable? Self esteem? What about that?

          I hope you too have a great day/evening Mary. :)
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        Apr 12 2012: OK.....I bowed out a few minutes ago....but here you ask questions I will answer.

        Self-esteem most definitely helps an individual transmit a sense of self-worth...as a quote I love says: "If you place little value on yourself, rest assure noone will raise the price".

        I think that we have no control of how others perceive us. Just the other day I overheard a mom tell her daughter: "why don't you color your hair, you have too much grey, you need to like nice". The daughter replied: "you will love me more without grey hair?.....I love my grey hair, it's a shame you will not accept me the way I am".

        People, envious, ignorant people will have us believe we have no value, because we don't live up to THEIR standards......it is a way of controlling others.

        But we all have valuable things to offer any government or corporation. From the men and women who clean toilets, to the paper pushers....well now I guess it's button pushers and mouse clickers.

        I guess, for me, knowing God values me, makes me value myself. I don't consider anyone more valuable than me....really, I don't. I think we all have different gifts, and use them different ways.

        I will close with a story (a true one)
        A lady once had a job at a hotel cleaning rooms. She did such a great job, that after a few weeks the supervisor wanted to promote her to an office clerk. She declined and said, "many other individuals have been working here longer than me and deserve that promotion. In my opinion, I do the most important job at this hotel. I make beds and keep rooms tidy and clean. When a guest arrives, he doesn't care how orderly the office is, he wants to relax in a comfy room." In that lady's opinion, the most valuable job was hers...humble, but nevertheless valuable.

        I'm not at all sure I have addressed your questions the way you have wanted, I hope I have shed some light, even if dim, into your topic.

        Be Well Shariq

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