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Happiness is enjoying freedom from misery.

I agree with Rao. Happiness isn't a product of circumstance. If anything circumstance appears to be more a product of our will. This seems like a common sense definition for happiness. It also makes happiness something we could ALWAYS endulge in. Because we are always free of some misery. Usually we are free from more misery than we are involved in (depending on your circumstance of course). I'd like to get any other thoughts on this.


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    Apr 10 2012: We're mostly agreeing. Happiness must be experienced along side misery because we are never truly free of all misery.
    I'm suggesting happiness is partly a state of mind (like wonder or confusion), in addition to its normal definition as a pleasurable feeling. I'm including both in my hypothesis, just to be clear, that happiness is taking pleasure in a state of mind that is free from negative thoughts about past and future failures, free from focusing on misery.
    I'm making the definition more convoluted involving things like focus, attention and intention. But i feel it is a more functional definition and avoids some of the confusion between happiness and pleasure. For example, we can probably agree that doing heroin would be pleasurable but it wouldn't make us happy.
    I'm kinda just coming up with this as part of a project I'm doing, I'd love to hear more criticism or agreement.

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