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My aim is to find life specific traits of gravity and its regeneration

The idea has many levels; it begins by basic correlation on biological basis and moves up to finding out about gravity of living organisms which in turn I believe to grant us the production of gravitational machines. At the beginning we could take the morphology, sound and electrical data and DNA of a living organism and correlate them and form a database with as many species as possible and in turn when looking at a new organism (even an alien organism) we could program that database to produce a DNA from just the image, sound and electrical data (all together or exclusively). Without elaborating further I want to give you the idea for a first test: take the image, electrical impulses and natural sounds and DNA sequence of 1000 types of bacteria. When you test a different type for image, sound and electrical impulse, the correlation data of the 1000 types of bacteria would give you a DNA sequence.
Testing a 1001th bacteria for image, electric impulse and sound for actually producing a one to one match DNA could be though the other way around too; you already have the DNA of the 1001th bacteria so one could write an algorithm, (ask for one so to speak)to produce this DNA with only the image, sound and electricity data as a given; asking for the unique image, electrical and sound graphs could follow. As we already have the actual DNA the difference between the predicted and the actual would give you a standard deviation. This can be almost infinitely perfected for accuracy of prediction, as more and more species are collected the standard deviation would get finer.One could look at Earths image, sound and electrical activity and locate life as location (ie. it exists between these margins) and as algorithym. One can convert all this data to DNA code and figure out life specific code of organization and construction which is to say reconstruction (ie how a bee is attracted and go to a flower). Also how we find life on Earth would give us how to find it in otherplanets

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    Apr 9 2012: Bill Cosby during a standup show says the following;

    -Build me an Ark!
    -What is an ark?

    The more data is collected the more accurate the predictions will be.
    2)The second test is to look to the sound and electrical recordings of Earth; with a database that contains as many species as possible we could search for life specific traits in the database (the collection of image, sound and electricity data) of Earth. We could find it as margins, as in life is only possible between these points in the graph, and we could point at a location as taking the two databases as algorithm and see where they collide.
    What is more how we are to find it on Earth could provide us on knowledge about how to find it on another planet which takes us to test 3.
    The moon has been found to have water in the recent NASA missions, and the moon has Sound and Electrical activity. By applying how we detect life on the Earth to the Moon we could not only find out if there is life on moon but also what possible DNA these organisms might have.
    What is more I think there are two other outcomes; AI and Universal Code. I wrote how we could try and find life specific traits in the Earth data; well one could turn/convert that data into DNA. the result would be, I believe a universal code and a very basic way to construct AI and also figure out the gravity of living beings and how to reconstruct life sustaining gravity. I call this the world of Love.

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