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Creating a startup accelerator on the notion of open collaboration across disciplines to shrink the "idea to market time" to more than half.

Creating a space (within an historical building), where citizens, entrepreneurs, workers, researchers - in short locally engaged people - can play out their skills, knowledge, creativity in order to collectively creative economic wealth to the region they currently live in. Especially as I live in Dresden, Germany, once and again today one of the most interesting tech hotspots in Europe, built on a centuries-long legacy of innovation, and invention. Being on the edge drives innovation disrupting the current canvas of business, bringing up new opportunities to create value across the complete value chain.

Sharing is gaining shall be the motto!

Several role models of approaches and institutions are the underlying conceptual framework. Explicitly the following:

BMW Plant Leipzig - open space office environment, offering work space in the central building, designed by Zaha Hadid, for 700 employees (without any closed rooms)

Team Academy - "If you really want to see the management education of the future visit Team Academy" (spoken by Peter Senge, author of "The Fifth Discipline"; were team entrepreneurs are grown; there motto "Innovate or Die"

Singularity University - "creates a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, technologists and young leaders to participate in crafting a road map to guide the evolution of these disruptive technologies" (written on their website)

Presencing Institute - "focuses on co-creating social technologies for change makers and social innovators around the world." (written on their website)


To set the project in motion I have applied to http://singularityu.org/gsp/ to learn more about emerging information technologies, and their impact on society, business, and education. To make it happen I have set up the following http://www.crowdrise.com/gsp12ralflippold, and ask you for your advice, support, or help in any form.

PS.: This is an experiment of a life time, thanks for your support


Closing Statement from Ralf Lippold

2012-07-27 The project has turned out different as envisioned, it did not go to Singularity University Graduate Studies Program 2012.

However what looks like a failure at first sight, evolved as the opportunity to bring the project of the startup accelerator into being, using the energy I gained by not being accepted this time for #GSP12, and extensively reaching out in my networks.

As a result, in September there will be a MVP (minimal viable product) version of the startup accelerator with two guest speakers from San Francisco and Sweden. If you are interested to be on the list of news on that check for #ColorsOfChoice on Twitter, and register.

Thanks for your ongoing support on making a vision for the region reality
Ralf (http://about.me/RalfLippold)

PS.: The follow-up of the crowdfunding process for #GSP12 has become http://BlueFuture2012.blogspot.com

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  • Apr 11 2012: Education is a process lasting all life long. Co-operation among people having different education, experiences and interests is the best way to enrich all. People are a real source of theoretical and practical knowledge and the passion this knowledge is communicated can make the difference. A place where the exchange among people can happen in a natural and comfortable way is a dream coming true.
    We all need a place where our skills can be enhanced, where our knowledge can be proved and exchanged, without having the fear to be judged. A "play-ground" where knowledge is available for all those people who are curious and see the knowledge already reached as a starting point to gain more and more of it.
    I can't wait to play on this ground!
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      Apr 16 2012: Hi Angela, excellent question you bring up: what way to bring different education, experiences, and interests to enrich the whole?

      In the age of the enlightenment it was the coffeehouse, at the turn of the century from 19th to 20th again it was the coffeehouse, now enriched with the ability to get information from a variety of newspapers (there happened to be one on Prager Straße in Dresden with 100(!) international newspapers, and magazines).

      Today it is the internet that enables the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and information. Yet we as humans are born to be around other people in a physical space, may it be a park, a coffeehouse, some place.

      If this is enabled by what you have said in the first place then the best example is the Semperoper Ballett, the ballet company here in Dresden (to those who don't know) where in a "small spot" a variety of dozens of cultures come together to cocreate amazing artistic work.

      Shouldn't that be also possible for researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, and business folks?

      That's what drives me, as I have seen that in practice in several places around the world, visited these and got sparked.

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