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What guidelines would you give someone preparing a TEDx talk?

TED Community, I’ve attended a number of independently organized TEDx events and seen plenty on YouTube and was disappointed to find out that some talks presented weren’t TED material. They lacked the ‘idea worth spreading’ element. What would you suggest to a speaker who’s preparing to deliver a TEDx talk in order for them to make sure their talk is up to standards?


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Don't you just love the TED Community?!

Some great feedback. Thank you Fritzie Reisner, Deborah Zotian, Kashaf Mamoon, Edward Long, Shariq Hashme, Tofig Ahmed, Abhinandan Chatterjee, Johnson Tam-Lit, Philip Kanoutos, Jenoye Cole, Lucas Avelleda, Asha de Vos, JenniferAnne McCool, Carlos Miranda Levy, Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu, Lesley Rickard, Edmond Hui, and Tosca Killoran. :)

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  • May 2 2012: They need to draw attention to something others have not noticed or focused on.

    They need to care about the subject and think it is important.

    They should not always have to be at the cutting edge of their fields. Some may never be rich or famous, but have creative ideas. Those who have not succeeded can learn from those who have failed and succeeded, both.

    Sometimes it takes one person noticing something to create a breakthrough. For instance the cure for smallpox was found when Edward Jenner (1749-1823), an English doctor, learned from a milkmaid that she believed herself protected from smallpox because she had caught cowpox from a cow. The milkmaid noticed, the doctor listened and observed and the deadly smallpox was almost eliminated because of that.

    The quiet person and the homely person usually make better leaders. A good looking person has a lot handed to them and life is better to them. The same with the great personality type. The quiet or homely person has had to work harder, learn more and are probably wiser.
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      May 5 2012: "The quiet person and the homely person usually make better leaders." They do!
      Thanks JenniferAnne! :)

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