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What guidelines would you give someone preparing a TEDx talk?

TED Community, I’ve attended a number of independently organized TEDx events and seen plenty on YouTube and was disappointed to find out that some talks presented weren’t TED material. They lacked the ‘idea worth spreading’ element. What would you suggest to a speaker who’s preparing to deliver a TEDx talk in order for them to make sure their talk is up to standards?


Closing Statement from Rawan Al-Wazzan

Don't you just love the TED Community?!

Some great feedback. Thank you Fritzie Reisner, Deborah Zotian, Kashaf Mamoon, Edward Long, Shariq Hashme, Tofig Ahmed, Abhinandan Chatterjee, Johnson Tam-Lit, Philip Kanoutos, Jenoye Cole, Lucas Avelleda, Asha de Vos, JenniferAnne McCool, Carlos Miranda Levy, Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu, Lesley Rickard, Edmond Hui, and Tosca Killoran. :)

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    Apr 9 2012: - TED speaker should have an Idea that worth spreading, not just a good presenter!
    - TED speakers are doers, not just talkers.
    - TED speakers should be at the cutting edge of their fields.
    - TEDx speakers should at least have one of the above on their X region !!!
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      Apr 10 2012: Don't you think we should expect the same out of TEDx speakers as we do TED speakers? That way we can guarantee that the TEDx events are the same quality as TED's.
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        Apr 10 2012: That's exactly what I meant to say, and yeah you got it!
        Unfortunately, I don't think it's easy to find such speakers in our communities.
        And yet even if you did find them, then they might not be quite open enough to spread their ideas freely in a compelling way and in a very complex and restricted environment such as ours!

        Disappointing and not so optimistic point of view, but it's the truth in my opinion.
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          Apr 18 2012: That's a bit pessimistic, don't you think?
          I find that we have an enormous number of highly capable speakers with amazing ideas that are indeed worth spreading, especially the young generation, in our region.

          I do agree with you that the obstacles we may face do not exist in other communities, but that makes the challenge of surpassing them an enriching experience.

          Out of curiosity, what TEDx event(s) have you attended in the Kingdom that you believe were what a TEDx event should be?
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        Apr 21 2012: - I told you it is not so optimistic, but I still believe on it.
        - "but that makes the challenge of surpassing them an enriching experience.'
        I would totally agree.
        - As of any TEDx event I attended, none!. but watched some in youtube.

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