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Closing Statement from Christine C. Marcks, Prudential Retirement

Thank you all for a dynamic conversation over the past three weeks around how we -- as individuals, as financial services providers and as a society -- can help address the challenge of retirement as people live longer. TED Conversations is a new forum for us, and we found your comments and this experience very insightful.

I believe there are concrete steps people can take to better prepare for their retirement. For starters, workers can improve their savings and investing behavior. Secondly, participants in workplace plans such as 401(k)'s should try to include some sort of guaranteed income component in their retirement planning.

We will also continue this conversation in other forums, and will add to the national debate through white papers on our company's Research & Perspectives site, http://research.prudential.com/view/page/rp .


Christine C. Marcks
Prudential Retirement

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  • Apr 26 2012: Looking inside lifespan increases we see that mental and physical healthy years increase too. So I think people should find ways to extend his working years while decreasing the hour per week ratio. That approach is a progressive social change. This change in the society seems more sustainable and gratifying than trying to live the last 30+ years from rents of investments.

    (I'm talking from Europe where people work 40h/week till 63 or 65 years old)
    • Apr 28 2012: i couldn't agree with you any more. i'd like to say that this idea could not only help resolve the physical problem,liking short of money,but also enrich the elder everyday life, it is like a double-return solution.

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