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who, what, and how did all the worlds "data" e,g photos, paintings, writings, recorded music etc; get digitized so fast?

some one had to copy, photograph, re- record and enter all this information.
in the music industry alone recordings as far back as the 1920 available at a click.
It not that we that amazes me, but how quickly it was done. This is nothing I looked for I have not found. have we been doing this since the beginning on revealing it now? The "internet and "digital age" has only been around 20 or so years.

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    Apr 14 2012: thanks much. it still amazing to me.
  • Apr 11 2012: Hi Rich,

    Digitization on a commercial scale became possible in the mid 80's. One of the strengthes of a capitalist market is that
    things happen very quickly when they're profitable.

    Best wishes,
    Doug Bell