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Is fighting for religion any different from a generic form of fighting for supremacy with respect to territory or resources?

Fighting for religion has been a long fought battle similar to fighting for land and resources. It is human nature, as social animals, to fight for supremacy as individuals and as social groups. This behavior is instinctive in all life which is a necessity for survival.
Is it possible for humans to ever overcome their instinct to fight?
Criticizing only religion in particular only touches the surface of a bigger problem of fundamentalism. People should encourage rational thought process but we have to ask ourselves if humans can ever put aside differences.
How can we impart education onto children where the emphasis is more on critical thinking rather than gaining knowledge alone?

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    Apr 9 2011: In order to question something, use critical thinking, one must know something. As science is dividing into so may different branches, different subjects to study, different fields, people are desperately seeking something whole in contrast, connections instead of divisions. The old political ideas have also become fragmented, diverse. So the place left to look for some holistic, whole approach to existence, is religion.
    Even though religions also are dividing into new sects and movements, what they deal with is all and everything.... And they are interested in YOU, as an individual.
    So we might just need to develop a new religion that all humans can share and that does not oppose critical thinking. One that can be used as a firm base to stand or sit on while asking your question.....(until the next earthquake...)
  • Mar 19 2011: Hi, yes you are right, without the positive and negative emotions that we all possess, life as we know it, could not exist. Without them what would we talk about? What would we write about? What kind of boring material would go into making a film good enough to win an oscar? Where would we get the fulfilment of achieving, if we didn't know the frustration of failure? How would we know what love is if we didn't know hate. The truth is; an intelligent species needs stimulation to exist, otherwise it would not exist! When one day man realizes this; though he won't be able stop these emotions, he may be able to come to some kind of compromise with nature. MAYBE, there are no guarantees.
  • Mar 11 2011: There is only one religion that hasn't fought a war and never will. It is based on Peace and knowledge. The people who are of this believe do not even try to get anyone to join, but will answer questions about when asked & is the 3rd largest in America. You might want to change your question a bit to allow for this fact. If U don't believe me then check it out. "Buddhism".
    • Mar 12 2011: Yes agreed. I think Jainism is also on similar lines. But do you need religion at all to derive morals? Rigid religious adherence is the main cause of fighting in other religions. I agree there are extremes to everything but the crux of the problem is the ignorant and dogmatic mind set of the people.
      • Mar 12 2011: It has been said that those who seek true knowledge, for the betterment of mankind, do so without a religious intent. Most religions put up road blocks to this venture. I enjoy the exchange of thoughts on this site with an open mind & hope others do also. Morals are taught by parents (in most cases) & as you know, that can be based on beliefs of their religion. I have often wondered how folks progressed before the advent of beliefs (of any kind).
        To try & answer your question: A large part of me feels we do need some form of beliefs, even if it is just a belief in our own selves. Tough Question.
  • Mar 10 2011: Blind* I'm not religios what so ever, but I'm VERY spiritual and have the highest of morals. I also believe that god is all life, the very power that lets us be.
  • Mar 10 2011: We all have to come to the realization that everyone, and everything is, in fact ONE! Religion is just another reason to fight and bicker between eachother. It doesn't matter who is right, we should live the lessons that religion teaches instead of living the religion itself! By Worshipping another being, you are giving away your inner light, your power. You should in fact know that the very power that created you is inside of you, giving you the power to be the greatest you can be, and thats all you need to know your a good person. I'm a good person and no one in the world or out of this world could take that from me. The real meaning of the word heaven is expansion, and the real meaning of hell is bling, or unseen. So wouldn't heaven be the expansion of ones conciousness, and hell is when you start believing what other people tell you and don't figure out the truth for yourself. I'm in the real heaven, it just drives me insane how people would go their whole lives chasing something they have no proof of. Many haven't looked beyong their own religion to find out whats really out there and if they could be wrong! Even more would live and teach lies because they couldn't face the fact that they were wrong at one point. I'm not saying people of religion are bad people, because there are not bad people, just bad decisions, bad influences and misunderstood people. I just don't want people to fight anymore, i've gotten over it i know its possible, its just fear and anger is just as contagious as love. People want to be mad, thats why they are.