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Would a population boom now taking us to 9 billion people destroy the world as we know it ?

There is around 7 billion people on the planet, is that too much? with the standard of life between countries in Africa and the west varying so much would the boom in population cause a larger variation in standard of living?
how long with this population do you think we could last?
what technology could save us from our huge population?
what rate would we consume resources and deplete the fresh water we have ?
how long would we have ?
should precautions be taken now before it's too late?
could we sustain that much life on our tiny planet?
what kind of quality of life could we ensure for that many people?

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    Apr 9 2012: By 9 billion we will stop trying to protect the ocean sea life.
    • Apr 10 2012: Would this be in attempt to remove sea creature rights so that we can to feed the larger population?
      how long do you think we could depleting that resource until we have to abolish the rights of land animals too?
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        Apr 10 2012: It would be too hard to stop people from getting in any old dinghy and trying to fish in and around protected zones.Last week a chinese fishing boat tried to ram a palau coastgaurd for illegal fishing.it got deadly as a chinese fisherman was shot.

        In the last twenty years marine mammals that are usually left alone for the usual catches of fish have been showing up on restaurant menu's around the planet,as we over fish one species out we just carry on to the next,the trend in menu's isn't sufficient evidence but it proves that we have to keep an eye on things.

        On the menu
        Polar bears, spinner dolphin, narwhal, pygmy beaked whale, South Asian river dolphin, Chilean dolphin, long-finned pilot whale

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