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Is it not absolutely natural to watch one's facial expressions, body posture, natural body qualities - the whole compound of them all?

Watching 'Nadia Al-Sakkaf: See Yemen through my eyes' and reading comments, discussions below the video, I decided to ask some questions to get some replies from the ones who probably are way more competent in some fields than me.
I just want to add that I do not want to offend anybody, I live where headscarves, hijabs, nijabs, etc. are not worn and to me occurred some very natural questions.
When we talk about all that headscarf-matter we probably talk more about the cultural matters, but I would like to watch at this from the nature-side.
So, is it not fundamentally natural to observe people's faces and bodies to perceive all the nonverbal information? To protect yourself, to be sure if it's not a lie, to understand the feelings better, to understand if a person suits you for a close friendship, cooperation, etc.
Another point which may sound not very attractively, but, again: is it not natural to 'search' for a life partner almost by all of the senses? Estimate him/her visually, by the scent (not perfumes, but some natural 'perfumes', for example, pheromones), also, even by touching. Of course, all the 'conclusion making' of all 'parameters' is probably more on the unconscious mind.
But this conclusion making (men on women), and in fact, taking 'the parameters' into 'consideration' is not allowed by hijabs, burcas etc.
Does this natural research of a partner is not valuable? To spend most of the time and create a family with the one, who would be 'accepted' on the unconscious level (the set of genes is acceptable), to be sure that the temperament is acceptable and so on.
I would like to hear those people who say that headscarves and others are cultural, moral or some other matter, and who find the counterarguments to all arguments of those who think about them with a controversy.
Addition: is it possible to get enough of vitamin D wearing this kind of clothes?


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    Apr 8 2012: Hi

    Yes you are right, how we automatically make snapshot visual assessments of a person when first encountering them which is only natural,it's built in to our general makeup and genetic.

    The Burca is a religious tradition? Not knowing how it came about or why as i'm of another religion leads me to speculate that it is either to protect the women from dubious eye's or it is to protect the male from his Carnal nature or it is ownership.This is speculation only.

    We use full physical form communication everyday that it is odd for us when we come into contact with a set of traditions that changes this common practice from another part of the planet.For me it is odd but that is their way,if they should want to change this then it would come from within the group rather than an outside force.

    I would venture enough to say that a father would upon finding a young man suitable of character and a sense of where he is going in life would allow him to interact with his daughter.Old world but quaint.I'm sure it is vastly different from what i describe as i haven't had the pleasure of talking to them that practice it.
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      Apr 9 2012: I wonder if it can be replaced by something or be ignored at all without the serious outcome, maybe negative, maybe positive, but really a little far from our nature. As to me it seems to be vital, to refuse it is the same like refusing drinking or eating. We can refuse to drink for several days only, we can refuse to eat for around a month, and without 'scanning' the person we probably can live much longer, probably the whole life, but surely with some misunderstandings, which sometimes can be even fatal. A human is not a glass of water, or a piece of pie, here - you never know, even the 'scanning' does not always work properly, and refusing it it's something I can't understand, so I would especially appreciate some comments of people experiencing this in real, but oh, thanks for your reply, too =]
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        Apr 9 2012: I see women in full burca and Hijab everyday,in a strange way i like it.it means my kids get to interact with their kids and have a better people view.

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