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Is it not absolutely natural to watch one's facial expressions, body posture, natural body qualities - the whole compound of them all?

Watching 'Nadia Al-Sakkaf: See Yemen through my eyes' and reading comments, discussions below the video, I decided to ask some questions to get some replies from the ones who probably are way more competent in some fields than me.
I just want to add that I do not want to offend anybody, I live where headscarves, hijabs, nijabs, etc. are not worn and to me occurred some very natural questions.
When we talk about all that headscarf-matter we probably talk more about the cultural matters, but I would like to watch at this from the nature-side.
So, is it not fundamentally natural to observe people's faces and bodies to perceive all the nonverbal information? To protect yourself, to be sure if it's not a lie, to understand the feelings better, to understand if a person suits you for a close friendship, cooperation, etc.
Another point which may sound not very attractively, but, again: is it not natural to 'search' for a life partner almost by all of the senses? Estimate him/her visually, by the scent (not perfumes, but some natural 'perfumes', for example, pheromones), also, even by touching. Of course, all the 'conclusion making' of all 'parameters' is probably more on the unconscious mind.
But this conclusion making (men on women), and in fact, taking 'the parameters' into 'consideration' is not allowed by hijabs, burcas etc.
Does this natural research of a partner is not valuable? To spend most of the time and create a family with the one, who would be 'accepted' on the unconscious level (the set of genes is acceptable), to be sure that the temperament is acceptable and so on.
I would like to hear those people who say that headscarves and others are cultural, moral or some other matter, and who find the counterarguments to all arguments of those who think about them with a controversy.
Addition: is it possible to get enough of vitamin D wearing this kind of clothes?


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  • Apr 8 2012: Granted that I am not competent in this specific field, i think we get into a somewhat contrived argument if we don't take into account that culture does play a key role in our innermost selves, since you have been surrounded in it from the very beginning of your life.

    Mindsets, beliefs and customs are deeply ingrained in our psyche and soul as we are brought up in a given environment. That's why i find myself unable, in some respects, to separate culture and nature, which are distinct concepts indeed, yet it's difficult to say (as concerns the human perception, mark these words) where the borderline lies deep in our mind. An immediate example that comes to mind is that we are not living like monkeys and we're not walking around naked because it's not socially acceptable. I don't think that's something different from other more peculiar or local aspects of culture (which include religious constraints).
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      Apr 9 2012: Are you saying that mindsets, beliefs and customs are 'ingrained deeper' than the natural 'laws'?
      It is quite easy to replace nudity with some clothes on, but can that 'scanning' of a person be replaced by something else? To me, it occurs, the 'scanning' is vital like sleeping, eating, cooperation, cognition of the environment, etc.
      • Apr 9 2012: Of course, on the one hand beliefs and customs are not ingrained deeper than, say, those basic human needs including what you refer to as "scanning". Nevertheless, i think that on the other hand they can also shape your mindset and change the way you see the world and yourself, not differently from what sensory experiences do.

        I would not regard one's beliefs and customs as simple "clothes" either, but rather as "home" in its broadest sense. To make myself clear, I think religion and traditions help you to feel at home and represent the best method whereby men are trying to drive away their profound inner loneliness, so to stop groping in the dark. Being an atheist myself, it's not easy for me to really pin down this feeling either, but i'm sure this is one of the major advantages of having faith and religion.

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