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How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars? And what if child been born in zero gravity?

Hello, i am writing this story about this astronaughts , and they are on mars expedition, so i need to know how long does it takes to get to mars on space ship on a regular engine.

And main thing in story that there 2 characters will have a child, so i would like to know is this possible to woman to deliver a baby in that circumstancies.
And if child will survive , how he will develop.
Thanks in advance for your answers

  • Apr 10 2012: Hi Yadikar,

    The Mars rover Curiositiy was launched on November 11th, last year. It will arrive at Mars on August 5th this year. This info, and lot's of other Mars stuff, is on the NASA Mars exploration website. This is using the minimal energy path, which is about the most feasible path with current technology.

    Sorry, I don't have any infomation on the biology. I do know that there have been experiments with lower animals, but this has never happened with humans. It's quite likely that no one knows.

    Best wishes,
    Doug Bell