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A nonprofit, self sustaining, expandable community green house, community kitchen, offering low cost organic food to the local community.

This is a modular idea. I would like to develop community greenhouse as close to carbon zero as possible and make it complected self sustaining, With rain catchment and solar for all power and water needs. (think earthship for a green house).

From the basic model expanding to contain a small organic fish, poultry , and goat farm for meat eggs and fish. From the this expansion adding to it a community kitchen to prepare low cost wholesome meals at a nonprofit price.

All structures would use sustainable green architecture and self generating power and water to be both more eco friendly and to reduce the total cost of operation.

My main goal of this whole concept is to provide a means for a community to feed itself in a healthy low cost sustainable manner, that is as easy as going out to eat. I would like to release all the knowledge gained from this project in the form of best practices and lessons learned via the internet in a wiki style format so that the process might be emulated else where easily, allowing a community to be grown around it.

What this project would need for success is community backing, volunteer of subject matter experts to help with the various processes of planning and construction. At which point it could be turned over to the local community to ether employ those required to run the facility or use volunteers.

This is just a vague outline of my concepts to seek feedback.

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    Apr 8 2012: I think there are places this is already going on and a google search might bring up some layouts or ideas to help boost you along. I know disney uses hydroponics to grow some of the veggies it uses in florida at the Disney world there. Hope this is of some help