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Why is there such little conversation on neglected diseases?

On TED, and elsewhere in the media, there is so much talk about how to build up the bottom billion, about how to build the economies to developing nations and distribution networks for the latest device (which may or may not be needed). However, there is very little talk about a subject that is of immense importance. Namely, how to tackle, prevent and eradicate the neglected diseases of the world. These disease hold people in poverty, prevent children from reaching their full potential, and modify the immune system in ways such that other diseases (such as malaria) are more likely to infect and lead to worse outcomes.

Please, if someone can explain to me why this subject is so overlooked, I would be so grateful. Also, if anyone has any insight in to how we can help decrease the burden from these disease, please fill me in.

Thank you.


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  • Apr 15 2012: Goverments can do a lot to bring down the price of treatment, and increase access to treatment. Many of the diseases are curable and the most server effects can be avoided if treated early.
    Cost and access are huge chananges in developing world and more innovation is needed to help overcome them. Until governments and other organization see spending on health and education as an investment rather than a cost, positive change is unlikely. Although it make perfect ecomoic sence to invest more.

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