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Are the books we love being done justice with the films that proceed them ?

With our ever growing population, modern day society lusts for entertainment and everyday takes steps to destroy more of our greatest paper bound stories and traps an echo of their brilliance in a hollow cinematic shell.

Are books and by extension their authors being treated unjust with video representation of their work?
Is there any great films that come from books? and do they live up to the standards set by the book? Oppositely is their any books that come from films and do they set a standard?
how well is the film industry doing converting these stories into picture and is their any book you would never want to see as a film , where would you draw the line?

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    Apr 9 2012: I think you mean the books proceed the movies.

    Its hard to literally convert and entire book to a movie script. But you can convey the essence of the plot and meaning. Some do this better than others.

    Agree there is also an imperative to make money.

    It is impossibe to match everyones imagined world from a book.

    Re LOTR movies: The fellowship of the ring was the truest to the books. The orcs were too holliwood and Strider/Aragorn was nothing like my imagination. However the hobbits, black riders, and Balrog were pretty close.
    Gollum was perfec t. Kate Blanchet was as close to perfect as Galadrial.

    The last movie was the worst. Idioiotic horse charges against war olliphants, the stupid ghosts killing the orcs and easterlinfs Minas Tirith, the stupid eye of sauron, Legolas's hollywood moves. This really destracted me. But overall done with respect for the work, great design values, talent. HE did better than anyone else might have. I'm glad I got to see them.

    I'm looking forward to On the Road later this year.

    I see movie interpretations of books as interpretations, to complement not replace or copy the book. I try to keep my expectations low and am sometimes plesantly surprised.
    • Apr 9 2012: i completely agree i think from now on though, I'm going to stick to either reading the book or watching it's film.

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