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Are the books we love being done justice with the films that proceed them ?

With our ever growing population, modern day society lusts for entertainment and everyday takes steps to destroy more of our greatest paper bound stories and traps an echo of their brilliance in a hollow cinematic shell.

Are books and by extension their authors being treated unjust with video representation of their work?
Is there any great films that come from books? and do they live up to the standards set by the book? Oppositely is their any books that come from films and do they set a standard?
how well is the film industry doing converting these stories into picture and is their any book you would never want to see as a film , where would you draw the line?

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  • Apr 8 2012: i know for sure that 'The Shining' by Steven King, the film plot wasn't true to the books. There is a different ending. i have to say i was a little disappointed. 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy - stayed true to the original story, in the book there was very little speech which the created tension through out, a great read . The film on the other hand didn't ruin the story as the director kept true to the plot but i think he had (in order to entertain) added speech that , or because the film unlike the book didn't have chapters of description to create suspense between each tiny conversation. The film because of an attempt to make it more entertaining became more of a disappointment. Or maybe just put the book on a high horse.

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