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Can and will books ever be replaced by something other than we know it today?

Can books become completely intangible? Can the "feeling" of a book change with its texture? From clay tablet to papyrus to manuscript to book: will the book morph into something new?

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Closing Statement from Leo Genazzano

This brainstorming session focused on the the question "Can and will books ever be replaced by something other than we know them today?". I was surprised to find a diverse collection of answers, many of them thought provoking, insightful, or just plain cool. Go on, take a glance.

For those who are interested to see some more "brain-picking" answers, I recommend Amir Azizi Sarajy, Don Stewart, Mary M, Stuart Woods 's work.

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    Apr 19 2012: Hi Leo and thanks for this hot conversation .

    you know everyone grows up with a different culture , different heroes , different values , lets say I am writing a book and I say : I saw a very beautiful girl . As a reader you'd immediately think of the most beautiful girl You have seen, not the one I am SHOWING on the screen , so you are relying purely on your cultural , personal life and experience and you d dive into your own world , That is how a book works.

    say I am a film maker , and I am saying the same thing on screen , I will show a cute girl, but you may or may not like her , you will see my VISION, not YOURS. That is why I am saying people would get the same thing , I mean , you ask 100 different people about a cute girl and they ll give you 100 different ideas , not a unified single one .

    But the biggest difficulty with Books is the fact that they are bounded and limited to the language and culture that created them, that is why Jokes do not work in other languages , hence the term Lost in Translation .

    The future needs faster way of information transference , communication and spreading the idea in the shortest possible time.

    People do not have time to listen, they might just have enough time to take a look , and they are from hundred different nations , that is why I am saying Cosmopolitanism will take over and images will be more ubiquitous

    Best, Amir

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