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What inspires loyalty within the organizations you work with?

This can be customer loyalty for a brand AND/OR employee loyalty towards an employer.

Please feel free to share stories that help us understand why as well as what are the key elements to this feeling of loyalty.


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    May 4 2012: Fascinating question!
    In some places I've felt it and in others not.
    My experience has been that loyalty from an employee to his organization comes from many different factors. Respect for one's colleagues who must be competent/ethical, and the same goes for one's boss. From the management: space to be heard (respected), autonomy in one's daily work and the liberty to be creative and make some decisions, and this requires trust. And most of all, I think, the feeling that one is making a difference through his organisation. In that sense, I have a hard time believing you can feel this when working in the private sector in a profit-making organisation, although some companies are obviously better than others (The usual example being Google, Apple, etc.). It seems to me this loyalty is easier to feel if you work for international organizations, NGOs, etc. where you feel you are taking part in something that is bigger than you.

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