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What inspires loyalty within the organizations you work with?

This can be customer loyalty for a brand AND/OR employee loyalty towards an employer.

Please feel free to share stories that help us understand why as well as what are the key elements to this feeling of loyalty.


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    Apr 28 2012: As far as my experiences are:

    1. Act by reducing the ego as often as possible. All tasks carried out as what it is but without the accompanying too high for ego.

    - Benefits: (attitude) controlling ego unconsciously has an effect on our attitude to be more calm and exudes a friendly and give an honest response of tolerance from others.

    2. Instead of trying to enforce loyalty to the company or to defend the company, i'd rather to defend the main objective in the work that is to be able to share the goodness, for the family, yourself or friends.

    - Benefits: People always tend to unconsciously narrowed in the quality, so if we put the area of ​​corporate loyalty, then over time, will be narrowed to personal loyalty (ego) and we will fail to get the benefits as described in point 1.

    But by extending the work to share their goals, so hopefully always broader than loyalty to the company, so the area of ​​corporate loyalty was also obtained, and when there is narrowing of loyalty, then the narrowing is not so fast, and enough for us to realize there is a decrease in the quality of ourselves and quickly make a correction without stuck to the narrowing of the area of ​​corporate loyalty or merely personal interest.

    These two important actions when performed by the top brass at the company, it will emit a friendly working atmosphere, tolerance, which may end up to the loyalty of a vast and difficult (not easy) to fade so quickly.

    The secret behind this is: controlling ego. By mastery controlling ego, we can dominate wisely without the other person feel dominated. And for ourselves, it prevents us from being excessive, and enables us to intuitively act in a fair way. Soon, (hope) this will inspire loyalty silently.

    Why the key of this lies in maintaining a proper ego. I think this is because the simple truth i believe that "OUR FALLACIES CENTERED ON DIFFERENT LEVEL OF ARROGANCE".

    But in the end there is no such perfect people, (hope) this is the best that can be done.
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      Apr 28 2012: Great reply. To me too much ego also spoils the fun. I have been a fiercely loyal employee in the past and it always went bad when the boss had too much ego and not enough brains lol.

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        Apr 29 2012: Thank you for bringing up the question , cheers :)

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