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What inspires loyalty within the organizations you work with?

This can be customer loyalty for a brand AND/OR employee loyalty towards an employer.

Please feel free to share stories that help us understand why as well as what are the key elements to this feeling of loyalty.


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    Apr 27 2012: Loyality is a great word and smb must deserve it. When companies are displaying their loyality to the staff or to the concrete person, then for sure this company can expect this loyality in return. For example, when company highly values every employee, doesn't think to pay or not to pay for their job, provides training and career enhancement, then employees are glad to thank the company with their loyality, because they view their future and person development in this company which will benefit both company and staff.
    • Apr 28 2012: As you say, loyality between companies and employees comes from benefit on both sides. But it is difficult to continue such a good relation because companies and staffs are seeking for each benefit.
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        Apr 28 2012: No i mean that loyality will lead to benefit for each side. If company is loyal to employee, employee will be loyal to company which will make both sides prosper.

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