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What inspires loyalty within the organizations you work with?

This can be customer loyalty for a brand AND/OR employee loyalty towards an employer.

Please feel free to share stories that help us understand why as well as what are the key elements to this feeling of loyalty.


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    Apr 15 2012: Speaking of brands: Loyalty or return customer, when I am 100% satisfied with the product. If I am not here's what I do....return it.....if I notice that it is a quality control issue, I email, or call up the manufacturer.....which I have done with all kinds of items.....colored pencils, ice cream, tomato sauce, cold compresses for back aches...etc. I am always happy to receive coupons for receiving another FREE item from the manufacturer.....I usually wait a couple of months, then go back and purchase the exact same item to see if it was just a fluke....because mistakes do happen.

    I am happy to report, that I have been able to use alot of the same brands for many years, but only because the quality is to my liking. I have also stopped consuming many different items, because they have lost quality, and have never regained it.

    As far as employer....well, I'm with Linda......if I get paid, I stay.

    As an educator, I don't deal much with alot of the office politics and goings on in other places. I'm in my room with my students....which is where I love to be.....

    I would imagine that feeling job security, being respected, being considered in the decision making process, and good pay and benefits, might make one loyal to any employer.............but, we are all replaceable.....so best to not use "loyal". That is just my opinion of course.

    Great question. Did it rain all day in N. Ft Myers?.....it's been raining all day here in S. Florida.:)
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      Apr 15 2012: loyalty can be ascribed to anything we support. Be it a brand, an employer, a cause, or even a sentiment. The factors that determine just how loyal we are may be different for everyone and different for each "thing of interest" as well.

      For example: I am loyal to the United States because I was born here. The United States does some pretty messed up things around the world that I don't like no agree with at all, yet I am still loyal to the country I love.

      And as for rain, just a few drizzles that I noticed.
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        Apr 15 2012: How are you loyal to the United States?
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          Apr 16 2012: While I encourage global prosperity at every turn, I believe we have to fix our own backyard first. While our government may have taken a wrong turn I am still loyal because our nation is supposed to represent, freedom. So there are connections in many other areas too. I have lived here all my life minus a short work period abroad. There is a geographical tie as well as one of blood, most of my family live here.

          I could probably go on the more I think about it. The previous sentence also brings up a good point. Many of the things that drive us in our decision making are subconscious. Which is why questions like this one are good, because they bring them into the focus of our conscious minds.
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        Apr 16 2012: Glenn, I did not ask why are you loyal, I asked How are you loyal.

        Out of curiosity, how are you loyal to the US?
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          Apr 16 2012: Touche.

          How I am loyal: By championing it's strengths. By paying taxes. By remaining here. By putting forth ideas on how to fix some of what needs fixed. By advocating other solutions that may work. By supporting causes and coming up with new ones. By simply saying "I am an American" and being proud of it.
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        Apr 16 2012: Great, thanks for answering.......so then, sticking around a company that has issues and working with it, or buying a brand of something even though it is not the best sometimes might be necessary if we see ourselves as loyal. Just like to stick around the US, and say you are American and are proud of it, some might see their job, at a less than reputable firm as something to be proud of. Because maybe, just maybe, they feel they have something wonderful to offer it, and want to be part of the brains behind fixing whatever is wrong.

        The US is a work in progress....much like many companies, gadgets, and dare I say, individuals.

        Just my humble opinion......nickel knowledge, you might say.
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          Apr 16 2012: well said. I'd thumb that one up but it says I have reached my max for you lol.
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        Apr 16 2012: Well Glenn, I wasn't sure I was making any sense in my use of logic there.

        I'm glad you understood my humble thoughts. It has been a pleasure discussing this topic.

        I like being loyal to the conversations I participate in, and not take off until I get the feeling that the person who initiated the conversation has a good idea of my viewpoint.

        I'm at that point now.....thank you for talking back and forth.....you are loyal as well Glenn.

        Be Well.....see you around TED.

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