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What inspires loyalty within the organizations you work with?

This can be customer loyalty for a brand AND/OR employee loyalty towards an employer.

Please feel free to share stories that help us understand why as well as what are the key elements to this feeling of loyalty.


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  • Apr 15 2012: Loyalty is not something you can look for in an employee or a customer.Loyalty depends on tastes and preferences.If you love your job, can you bear to leave it for something else you dislike just because they offer a bigger and jucier paycheck? When you work at something you like, you feel that you have a purpose there. The feeling that the things you do matters makes you loyal to that ideal, which is then characterised by preferences.
    But money does play a part in this, if another company also lets you do what you love and pay more, it would be rational to transfer to that company, cetris paribus.
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      Apr 15 2012: "cetris paribus"...........meaning please, thank you :)

      JiaChao I enjoyed your explanation. Don't you think also that, as Linda says, our loyalty should be to people, not organizations or brands?

      I thought of something while reading your comment.......many times, it is because we are loyal, or have a sense of duty to our family and their welfare, that we work at a job we dislike.

      I think the word loyal is so specific to a virtuous person.....someone whose heart conditition moves them, and who doesn't just do things "legallly".......I remember reading something about this once. It was a paper from the 1800's where someone defined a loyalist and a legalist person.

      Anyways, I am rambling. I enjoyed your comment. Thank you for your reply in advance.
      • Apr 15 2012: "cetris paribus" is a latin term commonly used in economics, it means with all other things or conditions held constant, which in this case things like the working environment, proximity to the workplace and working hours.
        I agree that Linds's statement concerning applying loyalty to an organisation is also true to a certain extent but what you are actually loyal to is the company's ideals and not just the company. A brand or a company just by itself is nothing.
        Thank you for your reply in advance and you're welcome.
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          Apr 15 2012: Thank you for explaining the term.

          I had never heard it before.....you know JiaChao, it is interesting that my parent's generation grew up with a sense of 'loyalty' to the shops where they did their everyday purchasing.......then when they arrived here in the states, little by little, they learned that you can comparison shop.....it was a totally new way of dealing with everyday life for them.

          People here change brands, change homes, jobs, and sad to say, friends, and spouses....I think the word loyalty involves serious consideration.

          I feel that it involves what we stand for. I therefore, personally, use it pretty much to mean how I feel about my relationship with God, and my integrity to uphold bible principles.......I strive to be loyal to what I stand for.........but of course, in the thread of this conversation I know exactly what Glenn means.....I don't like making a big deal about words. I much prefer to discuss ideas and interact on any given subject.

          Hey, thanks for your input. I have learned something knew today. :)

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