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Is it good to have awareness that path is difficult, before jumping to it ?

Trying my best to express my thought into words

Just trying to validate a "mindset"

Before jumping to a path, two mindsets are possible
(A) Being aware that path is going to be difficult.
(B) Not being aware, neither try to seek awareness that path is going to be difficult.

Many people jump into Entrepreneurship, not even caring how difficult it is going to be. Many of them keep the confidence and make their way.

If you got to save someone related/you-love drowing in river, Should you jump without estimating flow of river ? Or should you be actually aware that how fast the river is ? ( It might deviate your decision )

so Entrepreneurship/saving-from-river can be put under Jumping to a path.

I am sure a single mindset can not be defined for all set of 'jumping to path' scenarios. But still a little brainstorming can help to understand this better probably in our own context.

( We can discuss all three aspects - psychology, philosophy, spirituality )

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    Apr 12 2012: When time is a critical factor, and it is a matter of life and death to save a loved one, there might be circumstances where hesitating to assess risk may be too risky. Should I start CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if I'm not an expert? Should I call 911 (public emergency service) if I may be partly to blame for serious injury? In such cases we should act to do good as quickly as possible if time is a factor. However, taking a financial risk needs careful consideration. That is why gambling is such a potentially damaging pastime. Weigh all risks when possible. It does not make sense to act blindly.