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Is it important to teach ethics in graduate school?

We need to improve the way people in important and influence spaces in society make their decision taking process. One way is to continue giving ethics courses, but is these the best way? Should we start looking for another way to do it.


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  • Apr 17 2012: I think, yes, because tho, when growing up, people are exposed to varying degrees of ethical teachings, times change, societal standards change (and not always for the better - case in point, the play-up of the Me-generation and the admiration of aggressiveness as the way to get ahead). A person's influences in their lives also change. Ethics can be forgotten or laid aside.
    A good reminder for all of us to be ethical in our dealings with others is never amiss. Sometimes the universe gives out lessons whereby we can all exercise our ethics - natural disasters, crimes, etc. Things that make us ponder and discuss, and ultimately reach out ethically, or not.

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