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Is it important to teach ethics in graduate school?

We need to improve the way people in important and influence spaces in society make their decision taking process. One way is to continue giving ethics courses, but is these the best way? Should we start looking for another way to do it.


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    Apr 9 2012: Basic ethics should be taught at primary and secondary school.With business ethics at business schools, or professional ethics with whatever professional training law, medicine, etc

    I still use the basic framework I picked up in business school - Every decision - legal, economic, ethical perspectives
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      Apr 10 2012: Thank's Obey for your comment.
      What is your basic framework?
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        Apr 10 2012: Some ideas from Australian schools competing with, sorry, offering an alternative to special religious instruction. (I can't believe the governments in Australia pander to the religious voters by legislating in favour of teaching religion in public schools - so much for the separation of church and state)

        Primary School
        - Lots of practical examples and exercises e.g. being left out, sharing and bullying, being a good friend
        - Older kids - reflect on issues such as homelessness and child labour to help them consider the feelings and interests of others, Lying, cheating, stealing
        - How Important is it to Look Good? Are Rules Always Fair? Pride, Teasing and Animal Rights.
        With the goal of understanding consequences, having empathy, appreciating difference, recognising common capacities, recognising and acting on duties and giving equal consideration.

        High School
        - What is Ethics - secular branch of philosophy going back to Socrates
        - Ethical decision making, action and reflection
        - Teaching to think about ethical matters together and through the give-and-take of reasoned argument.
        - Teaching to properly to consider other people’s points of view and to be sincere, reasonable and respectful in dealing with their differences and disagreements
        Lots of class exercises
        - More examination of ethical models
        - Perhaps touching on the concepts of rights, law, justice, religious based morality compared to ethical questioning and exploration.
        The goal might be for students to have the capacity to consider personal and social issues and choices from within an ethical decision‐making framework.

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