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what the kind of the teacher let the student think positively in class ?

what is positve thinking should be found in the class to let student more active in class what the way that student think positvely ??

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    Apr 7 2012: As a sophomore,i prefer to behave in an active way only when the teacher gives a good topic to discuss and lets us express our opinions without being criticized.
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    Apr 7 2012: Any teacher who truly cares about his or her student will let a student think in a positive manner and let them express it. I do that in my classroom everyday and it makes for some interesting thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the students learn from me and sometimes I learn from them. It is exciting and fun
  • Apr 7 2012: Teachers who respect truth, wisdom, their students. Too many teachers are power and control freaks because their cultures disempower them, so they in turn try to disempower the students...because they can get away with it. Wise and noble teachers respect students as human beings, knowledge, learning, the present and future and themselves.