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Teachers: How would you/ would you speak about your past mistakes and failures to your students?

I feel as though kids need to know it is OK to talk about and learn from mistakes. However, the pressure put on both students and teachers NOT to make mistakes leads to test and performance anxiety. How do you deal with mistakes in your classroom?

I think of the movie Meet the Robinsons when I think of this topic and have used it in the past.


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    Apr 11 2012: I don't train children; I train adults on new software they will be using in their office. There is always someone who is totally intimidated by the software. I sometimes think it helps them to see that the trainer, the supposed expert, also makes mistakes. I let them know how I struggled with the program when it was new because I didn't have anyone who could train me, and I'm giving them the benefit of my 'oops' moments. Inevitably, I find they know something about the software - a trick, a shorcut - that I didn't know. I believe it helps when the students, no matter their age, know their teacher is just as vulnerable as they are to making mistakes. The trick is knowing how to correct them.

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