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Does growing wealth change human behavior?

The question is really straightforward, no strings attatched.

Of course I don't mean behavior as consumers. This is naturally different when one's purchase power increases. Rather, I ask about human soul and interrelations.

For inspiration: "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy (book and/or movie)

And yes, let this be our reflection for Easter!


Also consider a new idea: when wealth is deserved - people's characters dont change. They are corrupted only when they receive sth. undeserved.


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    Apr 9 2012: One: You use that million bucks to start a small company that makes a successful product. Then you make even more money and challenge a larger company. If you are successful you buy 51% of the stock in the larger company and take it over. Then you can fire the execs and anyone else you do not like, restructure the board and buy off politicians. In buying off politicians you can change where you live to make it like you want it.

    Two: you use the million bucks to buy small time politicians and get kick backs from government contracts, or leads on stocks in companies the government is going to give contracts to. With that money you buy bigger and bigger politicians off and now you have more control and all this using the money in the bank. Suggest you read about George Soros as an example of what I am talking about. He owns lots of politicians through campaign donations etc. It is better than punching some one in the face and you can ruin lives, economies, and countries at your will if you have enough money and a great legal team.

    I know you know this goes on all over the world all the time. Bribes are efficient tools to controlling governments even if they are called campaign contributions, county fees, taxes, etc. Remember power corrupts and the greater the power the greater the corruption and the more money you have the greater the power you have to facilitate this corruption in a way that benefits you.
    These are all "illegal" means but they are used over and over. Just look at the bank bailouts, Car maker bailouts etc. The government here now owns enough stock to hire and fire corporate executives at will and if you gave a large enough campaign contribution you can make suggestions and fight that way.
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      Apr 9 2012: one: i see no aggression anywhere in your story. every participants either agreed to my actions, or had to comply as their previously signed contract made them to do so.

      two: same story here with the exception that the politician is indeed committing aggression. but he does not do that with a million bucks in bank, but with police, IRS and such stuff. in short, guns.

      you somehow look on one side of the bribe only. and the less important side. the dude committing aggression is the one with power. bribery does not give them power, just misdirects it.

      but to return to the original topic: today in the west, we deal with corrupt leaders handing out bailouts. 500 years ago the king could just order your head to be chopped off at his will, with no explanation whatsoever. so even in this, we advanced. what is the reason for that is debated. but i think getting richer is a part of it.

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