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Office politics - good or bad

Most of the people complain that office politics is bad. Or is it?. Bigger organizations have complex issues to resolve. These issues are resolved be people. We have all heard the the importance of PQ (the political/power quotient), in addition to EQ and IQ. As you go up the ladder PQ becomes more important. And therefore there are two types of people, the kind who are politically astute, can engage people politically to negotiate their way and get things done. The other kind says, office politics is a cult, stays on the side lines and be influenced and negotiated.
How does ethics fit in the above equation? Do people make decisions rationally by staying on sidelines and still keep a desire to go up.

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    Apr 6 2012: Human being is political by nature what form of organization is there , whether it's a business organisation of country doesn't matter politics is there....

    Whether it is democracy or autocracy leadership in place doesn't matter politics is there......

    So concluding it as straight good or bad is something like telling we are in drwoned in ocean of Air it good or bad.....definitely the air with which we are unable to live can be killer ....just needed a bit change of it's composition..