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The earth is round we say is true. Yet at a time in history this was false. People believed the earth to be flat, like paper. We say viruses and bacteria cause illness. Yet at a time it was the work of the devil. We say that lighting is caused by the work of friction and electrons is true. But it was once the work of a God. How do we define what is the truth? The human race strives to understand and find meaning. 2+2=4 is true, yet if someone decided that 5 should come before 4, than this is false. If we said the truth is that the planets revolve around the earth, it is true. Yet when someone shows that it isn't true, that the planets revolve around the sun, now what we once believed to be true is no longer the truth, it is false. Is there such a thing as, the "truth"? Or is the truth ever changing? What do you define as the truth?


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  • Apr 16 2012: The only true Truth is in the design of the universe we live in. Be it by "God" or a teenager outside this uni-verse with a great computer our realm is Truth itself. Cause and effect rule the day.Pray all you wish, I do not deny it's psychological help in getting through the day, but jump from a building and you suffer the consequence.
    The Creators only rule to follow was Truth. From there it had to be a "hands off" experience, no meddling.
    If all had this view we would have no religious war.That is the truth.

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