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Do you have undiognosed ADHD? Before you say "No" have a look at what undiognosed ADHD looks like in Adults.

Lets see what undiagnosed Adhd in Adults looks like from the outside….

1: Consistently forgetful. i.e walking into kitchen and forgetting why your there
2: Start tasks but never finishes them or never gets round to starting them in the 1st place.
3: Drinks lots of coffee or energy Drinks and smokes or used to smoke
4: Has Anxiety and/or other mental health problems
5: Very unorganised. So much so that it is a shock when they do what they say they are going to do at the time they said they would. Is constantly late
6: Has trouble motivating themself to such a degree that they appear lazy.
7: Has mood swings
8: Often sais the wrong thing at the wrong time
9: Very impulsive and doesnt think before acting
10: Has gone from job to job because of boredom or perceived injustice in the workplace
11: Has constant relationship problems
12: Seems to have difficulty in controlling any emotion. i.e If someone annoys them they cant ignore the anger and must act on it. Even to their own detriment.
13: Has family members who are "Just as bad as them"
14: Gets very sleepy when doing tasks that involve lots of focus.
15: Is consistently distracted by things that are not relevant to the task at hand.
16: Intelligent but has trouble showing it in any sort of constructive way. i.e unable to gain employment or qualifications in an area that they are fantastic at.
17: Has an addictive nature
18: Has trouble sleeping
19: Has money problems all the time.

I will stop there, the list would go on much longer if I listed the life course outcomes of this condition. I welcome any questions and would be happy to explain in detail why this list is related to Adhd symptoms.


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  • Apr 6 2012: Thank you for the reply Jeff, I’m glad you posted and showed an example of how wrong you can be about something and how you unknowingly discriminate and attack people who may have the most severe outpatients mental health problem in the world.
    What’s irresponsible is you discriminating against Adhd when you have no idea what it is. Instead of replying with an uneducated opinion I would suggest you go and do some research and learn what Adhd is. Let me help you with a link to the Facts. This is one clip which you should then follow up with the others on there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF1YRE8ff1g

    Note: The Adhd Brain has differences to a normal brain in structure and function. Adhd is also Genetic in nature which has repeatedly been proven in countless research projects run by governments and health authorities. You are blinded by what you think you know and wrong assumptions. Step into todays research and you may learn something about the brain and mental health.
    • Apr 7 2012: [C] Thank you for the reply Jeff, I’m glad you posted and showed an example of how wrong you can be...

      [J] Hmmm... when did asking for actual evidence equate to being wrong? I am not attacking anyone. Please show me the relevant science and you will have a convert. Where no evidence is offered then it cannot mean anything but that this is a completely unsubstantiated claim.

      If you have access to the research, you should be able to cite it. I am adept at reading medical papers so please indicate by citation the peer-reviewed papers which appear in reputable medical journals, confirming genetic and hereditary links to ADHD.

      This request to you is specifically about the confirmed and replicated science... I have absolutely no interest in the myriad wacky theories which abound concerning the nature of ADHD, from any sources.

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