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how does an embarassing moment brings out the weirdest person in us?

We are not always the best person who we can be, not atleast in an embarrasing moment, i am talking about the majority. We always thinks we could have done or acted better in a situation that had already happend. most of us, in an embarrasing situation, tend to say or do anythings that could add to the embarrassment factor.
some will get defensive, scream, shout, run away on the brink of tears, or flat-out cry in public making a bigger scene out of the moment. A moment can turn everything upside down, you drop down your confidence level right to the bottom.
An anxious and embarrassing moment can effect you mentally. They can cause some kind of social phobia. In some cases, those who fear embarrassment will change their lives to avoid many social situations. This can negatively impact their ability to make friends, and to network for the sake of their careers.
what is the science behind such moments, how do you react in such moments, better to ask, how had you reacted in those moments? is this a problem of this generation, or has it been the problem of all generations?


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    Apr 6 2012: I stop thinking, at least rationaly, get hasty and loose orientation, or freeze My face gets red and I can not find the right words.
    But worst is, embarassing situations often can be made in to greate storys about how we coped with them. Knowing that, I come up with all sorts of ways, how I should have reakted.

    Fast good reaction takes praktise and it not easy to get my self praktising embarassing situations.

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