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Don't you think that the new generation becomes more and more lazy because of the developed technology ?

Don't you think that the new generation becomes more and more lazy because of the developed technology ?

  • Apr 6 2012: In my view, technology is the global issue which eventually rules the world and for good or bad, this will continue to be like that for a long time. Everybody is affected by technology, everybody uses it in his/her daily life, and certainly without technology in the 21st century- life would be hard. New generations take benefits from the technological innovations - which in the past have been considered as impossible to exist. But to the question whether technology makes us become lazier, I will say that this general question has an individual answer. The world tendency is that future generations will rely on mostly machines and other technological stuffs, but giving all your free time to some gadgets is rather a personal choice. We all should think a little bit about what we want to be and how we want to spend our lives. We should realize that technology is a knife with two blades, and decide whether we want to live beneficially or let the life pass in front of our eyes while lying and singing our “Lazy song”.
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    Apr 9 2012: Nice question :) I guess it depends on the person,one can choose to use technology for getting information,saving time, entertainment etc while keeping in mind the old fashioned way of doing things,therefore appreciating technology rather than wasting it.
  • Apr 6 2012: There are always two sides for everything.... this is how our world is , nothing can exist without its contrast , the new hightech is making life easier , only if everythings is used with limits. We must'n count on gaddjets and all kind of technology stuff, otherwise we get addicted to the easy and lazy type of living.
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    Apr 6 2012: People nowadays are more relunctant to waste their lives in factories or in farms, yes.
    This is progress.
  • Apr 20 2012: Whether someone is lazy is based upon another's perspective.

    However, technology does make a person dependent upon it. This dependency is where matters can go wrong when a particular technology is removed or no longer exists. If a person is suddenly disabled without that technology and has no way of quickly adapting to the "new" situation their dependency ultimately shows their lack of diversity.

    I believe the mistake with new technologies is we do not use them for the tools they are. Some technologies are physically easier to use, but sometimes using them takes longer to accomplish some tasks (Simple example. A handsaw versus getting a circular saw and plugging it in to cut a small board.) or they soften the person's mind with overuse. (The calculator.) I believe there are great strides to be made in utilizing an old technology, our brains. We must keep in mind that our brains are not usually used to their full capacity, and as many technologies come down the road we must evaluate whether they do expand our capabilities or just make us weaker; not only physically but mentally.
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    Apr 16 2012: Yeah, say if you get used cooking your dinner in 10 minutes, then you will have a tendancy to become disgruntled if it suddenly starts to take 30. Especially if you don't like cooking you will have 20 minutes less time to enjoy whatever else it is you do.
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    Apr 11 2012: NO!
    laziness is nothing to do with technology.
    I know many wonderful, active young people.
  • Apr 8 2012: It's crazy to think we have a technology to easily get to work (cars, buses, lightrail/subway) and consume information or entertainment. Technology has raised the bar for living, living many people in a state of accomplishment. I believe that people have more things readily handed to them by society and the systems in place. So what was once worked for, is now given cheaply. Anyone can step across this bound and be better, but many choose to just be. Lazy? Maybe to a standard that once saw limited technology.
  • Apr 7 2012: No. More interesting. More educated. More fun. More open. More......a whole lot of positive ways.
  • Apr 7 2012: Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who work for it!
  • Apr 7 2012: Yes!

    Honest work at any moment with any person for the good for each other is valuable and worthy of retention.
  • Apr 7 2012: i compeletly disagre.. everything has advantages and disadvantages so, i think that it can be one of the disadvantages but anyway the advantages are more
  • Apr 7 2012: It’s funny, because I think our grand parents thought of us as being lazy, and so we think the same as them about the new generation. It looks like the circle goes on and on..... Is the generation gap maybe?
  • Apr 6 2012: There are all kinds of ways that you can use technology to bring you joy, happiness, and prosperity, so it’s very important that you don’t forget about them.You can talk to people all over the country and all over the world when technology is involved, and it doesn’t really matter how far apart you are – you can still be connected.. :)
  • Apr 6 2012: I think that the developed technology doesnt makes us lazy, it just makes life easier
  • Apr 6 2012: Yes, I think so...they become more lazy.....they are all front of the computer... they rarely go out....or help with the house work.... someone even addicted to computers.. they are always in the Internet... and they ignore their family friends... and often get ill...
  • Apr 6 2012: I think technology is good as well as bad because if you take the example computers.It will lead to wear glasses and if you be used to play in the computer it is hard to move from the computer.Nowadays most of them don't play outdoor games due to the excess uses of computer which leads to obesity.It makes us entertained.Computers and new technology is making life easier for everyone and is becoming easier each day.Now the internet.The internet brings knowledge and you can learn many things from it with the information it can provide. People use the internet as a weapon like hacking and viruses.In conclusion,Computers and the new technology is good for the world. But i also think that it at least to be controlled more. Well i say yes it is bad because it can defiantly ruen ur eyes
  • Apr 6 2012: It depends on the person technology can be used as a shortcuts for many works, which enables us to do more work in less time. Therefore we have more time in, which can be used for helpful thing and at the otheir hand can be wasted.
  • Apr 6 2012: No. More interesting. More educated. More fun. More open. More......a whole lot of positive ways.
  • Apr 6 2012: No I do not find that the new generation becomes more and more lazy because of the technology developed on the contrary I find that we evolve better because nowadays there are new things.
  • Apr 6 2012: Thanks to technology, life has become easier in many aspects today. Because of the modern gadgets which relief people even in their everyday tasks, they have more free time for themselves. Youngsters like us tend to spend this extra time by playing electronic games or watching TV. Of course, this is usually a loss of time, but if technology wasn't that developed, those teenagers wouldn't have any free time to lose. Shortly, in my view the development of technology gives a great opportunity by creating a lot of free time. It's everyone's responsibility to use that time efficiently and wisely.
  • Apr 6 2012: I don't think new technology makes people lazy, but I think it makes people socially lazy
  • Apr 6 2012: Yes, we are becoming too dependent on technology. Most of us can't spell correctly. Why? Spell checking software. We have become lazy. Why? Transport facilities. Technology is not bad in itself, but we, the people of 21st century, are misusing it. We have became sedentary and as a result diseases which were unknown 200 years ago have now became commonplace:)
  • Apr 6 2012: Yes. Agree...
    Days are not far when people wont go to office.!
    They are always at home and doing there work from home only.!!!
  • Apr 6 2012: Exactly, I agree with you. The new generation DOES become lazier because of the developed technology!! But there is another case that the technology also improves our lives and helps us.
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    Apr 6 2012: i'm too lazy to show why it is not an issue
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    Apr 6 2012: I think the generation that lives in the transitional period between non-technological and highly-technological is kind of lazy (that's us by the way). But I think growing up in a technical environment you adapt and learn to be pro-active around it.
  • Apr 6 2012: Yeah it can be right but we mustnt forget that actually new generation improves the technology and everything is connecteed to the users usage .
  • Apr 30 2012: Lazy?
    Ah, I don't know. I'll, ah, well, I think I'll finish this tomorrow.