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Which attribute most makes humans different than all other life forms on earth?

Humans are the dominant species on earth. Or to put it more humbly, perhaps we are the species that has more impact on the planet, good and bad, than any other.
So which single attribute had made us more fundamentally different from all others over the last few hundred thousand years?
Is it our ability to make and control fire? Our legendary opposable thumbs? Our ability to communicate? Our social connections with other humans, or our spiritual explorations? Or some other factor?
Perhaps in your response you will demonstrate the attribute you chose by example.


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    Apr 11 2012: I am no mind reader but I train horses and dogs and work with teenagers. I guess the questions comes down to what is the meaning of the word Moral. Is there a standard outside of human behavior? Are we really just highly evolved animals as some believe? Is there really a right and wrong in every, some, or no circumstances? Is just thinking about the subject enough to say we have a moral compass and because we think about it are we different from animals? Why they chose the topic is beyond my ability to know but I would hope the topic causes us to ask ourselves questions about moral behavior, what is it to be moral, and is one person's moral another persons mere behavioral reaction? Wish I had an answer to all of that but as a Celtic Christian monk I struggle with those questions all day long. Thanks for you and for your thoughts may you be blessed in the road of your life ahead
    Brother James

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