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Is vision more important than hearing?

Aristotle claims that "The whole is more than the sum of the parts" Does our senses complementary or maybe we can divide them and discussing each of them as independent organ? If yes, can we clearly state than on sense is more important than other? If we can... does vision is more important than hearing?

Topics: Visual Senses
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    May 4 2012: Imagine having to choose between deafness and blindness. Each sense is important or God would not have given them to us, but my guess is most people would keep their eyes.
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    Apr 27 2012: Based on the realities in life, there are many different possibilities in the face of a given situation. This confirms how difficult it is to make sure which of the five senses is most important in providing benefits.

    But if the five senses associated with how far it can provide a variety of feelings, the vision will be placed at the first rank. This sense is important not because it does not need anything else, but it is important because it has a stronger influence than other senses.
  • Apr 17 2012: I am a musician, however, in my opinion we can not say that one sense is more important than the other.
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    Apr 16 2012: Are you a musician or a painter
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    Apr 15 2012: Important varies with the individual. Someone whose passion is music is likely to give more value to hearing, while an artist might have few qualms about loss of hearing but would dread loss of sight. Any individual mya be able to provide an answer for themself, but that is personal, not an absolute.
  • Apr 15 2012: Generally what is more important and ...Do we really are capable to decide what is more important ?
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    Apr 15 2012: Would you prefer to "see no evil" OR "hear no evil"?
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    Apr 12 2012: For whom?
    • Apr 15 2012: Generally what is more important and ...Do we really are capable to decide what is more important ?
  • Apr 6 2012: I would rather loose my hearing than go blind just because i have a fascination with sign language and am an art student so drawing with no eyes would be difficult. I think the importance of the sense is put on the preference of the individual, that being dictated by their job and family situation, or what ever will be the least inconvenient. Our sense of touch is the most precious though as without that nervous control there would be a much greater risk of accidents.