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Live conversation with Nina Tandon: How can we use TED Conversations in the classroom?

As we've launched the TEDinClass project, many in the TED community have asked: how can we use platforms like TED Conversations in the classroom?



Closing Statement from Nina Tandon

Thanks so much to everyone for all of your thoughtful, encouraging comments, interesting suggestions, and insightful questions! Please stay tuned to hear as this project develops.


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    Apr 5 2012: How did hosting the conversations change the classroom dynamic? Were the in-class discussions very different from previous classes?
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      Apr 5 2012: hi Ben,

      This is a great question, addressing an observation we actually didn't expect to see going in: the students indeed seem to be even more familiar with each other, and much sooner, than in past years, despite the fact that we've got a larger group this year! The conversations that continue on after class, between sessions, seem to keep the students engaged with one another, and also give them more material that create the "inside jokes" and other shared experiences that forge relationships. With online communities, we generally don't have the feedback that comes from real, live, *physical* presence -- but with this project -- we have both the online and rel-life interactions.

      I'd be interested in hearing experiences from others that might solely be online, in say, an online course?

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