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Live conversation with Nina Tandon: How can we use TED Conversations in the classroom?

As we've launched the TEDinClass project, many in the TED community have asked: how can we use platforms like TED Conversations in the classroom?



Closing Statement from Nina Tandon

Thanks so much to everyone for all of your thoughtful, encouraging comments, interesting suggestions, and insightful questions! Please stay tuned to hear as this project develops.


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  • Apr 5 2012: Nina, I work for a global organisation and am part of a team bringing the first TEDx to our people. My question is: what value have you seen in TEDinClass that you think would translate well in to the Learning and Development departments in the corporate world- particularly in global organisations? I'd really welcome your thoughts on this, since having read the blog link above I think what you're doing has great potential in the business world too!
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      Apr 5 2012: wow Matt, this is a great idea -- using TED in the corporate learning context -- did you see Agatha Luy's comment above? She shared a story about using TED talks at the office and it seemed a really positive experience!

      One thought I think might translate for both international and corporate contexts is that TED Conversations can be a great way for people to share thoughts that are relevant to their respective contexts, but in a manner that is just enough outside the "normal" context to lower the barriers to sharing ideas that might not otherwise be shared...almost analogous to an intellectual "field trip" ...
      • Apr 5 2012: Thanks Nina. I'll share the blog entry and this conversation with our L&D team. It's certainly something I think we need to start thinking about!

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