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Live conversation with Nina Tandon: How can we use TED Conversations in the classroom?

As we've launched the TEDinClass project, many in the TED community have asked: how can we use platforms like TED Conversations in the classroom?



Closing Statement from Nina Tandon

Thanks so much to everyone for all of your thoughtful, encouraging comments, interesting suggestions, and insightful questions! Please stay tuned to hear as this project develops.


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  • Apr 5 2012: So your students asked questions of the TED community as they studied? Did any of their conversations get particularly good responses? Did you or your students learn anything from any of the comments?
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      Apr 5 2012: Sarah this is a great question -- and we've been just blown away from the response -- our TEDinClass Conversations, for example, have been trending in the top five for 9 weeks straight, and each conversation is being viewed in up to 60 countries. And each conversation is reaching about half a million Facebook users via shares. The students are also learning a ton content-wise through responding to comments and then there's the more-difficult-to-measure but equally important lessons in poise and maturity that comes from leading. It’s been amazing.

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