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What Next? After a great TED / TEDx conference with hundreds of ideas, what can we do to help people got o the next level! DO something!

This aspect of TED and TEDx has always intrigued me. I am not saying that great ideas are not found outside TED, but there are far more ideas at this forum than there are at any other.

Post a conference I see a bunch of very excited, starry eyed participants, they have dreams in their hearts and heat in their blood. They want to do something and change the world, more importantly, they now, for the first time, BELIVE, that they are the change, that they can!!

I want to take this energy and pour resources in it and see what comes out of it. I feel there is something much larger than the event itself, sitting on the fringes and if we were to unleash this, we may have the next revolution, after the internet.

What can we do to unleash this change, to channelize this energy and let it not loose steam?


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    Apr 17 2012: Spread the ideas. Try to reach people's mind, make them elevate from their standards.

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