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Making 3D printing Viable Economically, by partnering with Logistic companies.

This is going to change so many current industries, Its going to make nano-technology so much more viable, maybe even economic. But we need to remember revolutions do not make money, evolutions do. So to make it that way i propose that this technology be combined/ partnered with major logistics companies such as Amazon, Fedex, DHL, imagine, no more expensive ocean crossing shipments, just one per continent is enough to cut this cost down so much. The more it is used the lower the cost for shipping from point A to B. If this technology is used more and becomes more widespread, it becomes more available, if it becomes more available it becomes cheaper. If this technology expands to a more massive penetrating scale, soon it will be so much more cheaper to create your own instead of shipping it, not only revolutionizing manufacturing but changing the face of logistics as well. (except for the raw materials) Soon.