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Governance - NOT Government - Stigmergically

(For a definition of "stigmergy," see: )

Consider a website - rather like a forum - but with highest rated posts at the top. New posts are listed in a 24 hour list, and users of the site may:

Report problems in the world around them
Present ideas for Betterment
Offer solutions to problems reported
"Vote" on threads - up or down
Approve of or disapprove of posts (solutions, suggestions for action)

When a problem has been solved or an idea has been implemented, or there is no activity for some length of time, the thread goes into archive.

This would allow leaders-of-the-moment to emerge, choosing to act to solve the problems or implement the ideas. Those who care will join in as They might to complete the actions to solve the problems or implement the ideas.

Also, consider a tiered structure to all of this - local, regional, continental (maybe), global.

A problem or solution is elevated from each tier at some number of "up" votes, which garners a wider awareness and pool of ideas. Also this will build a greater number of People who care - allowing wider action.

This is what I envision We will use to govern society in the absence of the need for money, which would be eliminated by adding abundant energy (money is merely the representation of meaningful energy expended). With no profit motive, only true problems and Betterment Ethic ideas will be proposed. It is less feasible while We still have need of money...

See My blog linked in My profile for more information about how We can obtain the overunity ("free energy") that is presently hidden from Us and action You can take towards spreading awareness that We have this NOW, and can eliminate such things as:

Class conflict
The LOVE of money (the root of all evil)
The need to pay for education
Hidden cures (cures are not a money-maker in the long run; sick People keep paying)

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    Apr 5 2012: DO NOT have a thumbs-down vote on your website! There are malingering malcontents who troll cyberspace looking for something, and someone, to belittle. These people are very rarely constructive, generally rude and disrespectful, and thrive on criticising others. Simply withholding a thumbs-up is sufficient.